Posted 02/04/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

“YOU’RE WELCOME, MR. GOODELL” By Wayne Allyn Root After days of anticipation for the NFL’s grandest and greatest event of the Year, the Super Bowl (or as it is called in Vegas, “THE GAME”) was ready, set and bet by millions of fans across the nation. The best two teams were in the spotlight- with a catchup featuring the best […]… Read more »

Posted 01/14/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

WITNESSING ANOTHER GREAT SPORTS RIVALRY by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT These are some of the greatest rivalries ever: MAGIC vs BIRD, RUSSELL vs CHAMBERLAIN, PALMER vs NICKLAUS, ALI vs FRASIER and WILLIAMS vs DIMAGGIO. There are others for sure, but this article is not to debate that. This is about all fans getting to witness in person, or via the TV, […]… Read more »

Posted 12/26/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

WEEK 17…NFL TOP 10 POLL by Wayne Allyn Root 1) DENVER—Peyton Manning is a stud. A Bronco stud that has accomplished something so incredible it’s worth noting this individual achievement. He has thrown 51 touchdown passes this season with one game to go. Twenty-one teams don’t have 51 touchdown passes over the past two seasons combined. That says it all! […]… Read more »

Posted 12/18/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

NFL TOP 10 for WEEK 16 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT 1) SEATTLE—Last week the Seahawks did all they could do on the road against NY Giants. Heck they beat me. I thought the Jints were in a great spot. Seattle has a great division game this week against a very good Arizona team. They will need their “12th man” fans […]… Read more »

Posted 12/04/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

TOP 10 COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK 14 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Last week was one of the best ever for the fans interested in watching these games on TV. It was mind-blowing in the Bama-Auburn game with Coach Saban making some weird decisions.The Michigan-Ohio St 1 point game was as good as it gets. The rival games were as advertised with […]… Read more »

Posted 11/25/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

TOP 10 COLLEGE FOOTBALL…..WEEK 13 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT What a weird week of scheduling by the Top 10 Superpowers as Chattanooga, Idaho, The Citadel and Coastal Carolina all had “Top 10 PAYDAYS!!” This kind of cream puff scheduling should not be allowed this late in the season. I’m betting Baylor has 18,000,000 reasons why they would have liked to […]… Read more »