There are a few surprises after 2 weeks of NFL play as Buffalo and Arizona are at the top of their divisions. Seattle has suffered an early season loss is news to some. The 49er’s blew a 13 point lead at home is stunning to many. Carolina and Houston are both 2-0 and looking to improve. On the other side we see the Colts and Saints sitting at 0-2 but both had a difficult schedule leading to their losses.
1) DENVER—The Broncos moved up on the heels of a small snafu from Seattle losing in San Diego. There’s no shame in not covering a double digit pointspread as KC got the cash. The Broncos were horrible against the run as 3 stars from KC were out and nearly won in mile high despite that fact. Their next game is last years Super Bowl re-match where the Seahawks destroyed them 43-8 on a neutral field. Good luck playing in Seattle…with the Hawks coming off a loss!
2) SEATTLE—The Seahawks went from the cool northwest to a field that was 108 degrees, meeting with hard hitting San Diego and suffered an early season defeat. Not to worry Seahawks faithful. The gameplan the Chargers put together will be studied by every NFL team as they held the ball for 42:15 minutes compared to Seattle’s 17:45 minutes. But with Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, the defensive secondary, Coach Pete Carroll, the best fans and the Broncos coming to town, it’s only a week out of the top spot.
3) PHILADELPHIA—Chip Kelly’s team is sitting at 2-0 after defeating the Colts on the road. May as well give the NFC East title to them. QB Foles has the Eagles flying high on offense with a +30 point average. This team will be relevant for the rest of the season and will continue to play well but no longer under-the-radar. They are at home against a tuff Washington Redskins team.
4) CINCINNATI—The Bengals beat the Falcons last week but took a few big hits with injuries along the way. If A.J. Greens foot injury is serious, it could spell trouble ahead for Cincinnati. The Bengals defense was smothering against Atlanta as they forced Matt Ryan into throwing 3 interceptions. They host Tennessee this week so Green’s status is critical.
5) GREEN BAY—It must be great to be a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. First you get legendary Coach Vince Lombardi. Then the arm of QB Brett Farve and now with the best QB in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers. Everyone watching the game, all the fans and most of the NY Jets players knew what was about to happen as the Packers rallied behind Rodgers and Jordy Nelson to overcome an 18 point deficit. Their only loss is against the defending Champs so confidence must be high. But hold all bets: they are on the road against Matt Stafford, Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson as they travel to Detroit.
6) NEW ENGLAND —Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves crowning the Patroits as the team to beat in the AFC after winning in Minnesota. The Viking were without disgraced star, Adrian Peterson. Matt Cassel tossed 4 interceptions so their wasn’t much left to get in the way of a Tom Brady victory. Brady is not the Brady of old but still should garnish a week 3 win as they host the offensive deprived Oakland Raiders.
7) SAN DIEGO—The entire NFL teams salute the big Chargers win Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks. They showed how to defeat the defending World Champions thru clock management and Philip Rivers attacking the Seahawks secondary. But did the win and the 108 degree field temperature take a toll on the Chargers as they travel 3000 miles to play Buffalo in an early day game this Sunday? This can’t be a great week to celebrate for the San Diego players. Set your alarms for 4:30 am pac time.
8) SAN FRANCISCO—How did the 49er’s blow a 20-7 lead at home to the Chicago Bears. Colin Kaepernick lost something somewhere in the 2nd half.. The offensive line allowed the Bears to put tremendous pressure on their QB. Colin Kaepernick threw 3 interceptions and had a fumble. That’s how a team blows a big lead. And looking back to week 1, they had nothing in the second half against Dallas. They need answers and quick as they travel to NFC West leaders Arizona.
9) BUFFALO—Am I the only one who penciled in the Bills to be in first place after week 2 of play within the AFC East? The Bills are energized with a week 1 win on the road in Chicago, a new Owner from Buffalo and a nice win against a division foe in the Miami Dolphins. They play a situational game this week against San Diego coming in all smiles after taking down the Seahawks. And it’s an early morning start for the pacific time zone team. Team breakfast at 6am pac.
10) ARIZONA—It’s hard to believe the Cardinals got a cross country win on the road playing without QB Carson Palmer and defensive star John Abraham. After 2 hours of play and a trip to the airport, Arizona had won by 11 points and was 2-0 and leading the NFC West. This is not a good week to have to play the 49er’s coming off their own troubles by blowing a 20-7 lead and with the uncertainty of the playing status of QB Carson Palmer.
11) CAROLINA—The Panthers remain undefeated at 2-0 and are in the spotlight hosting the Steelers on Sunday Night this week.
12) INDIANAPOLIS—No worries as they are in the AFC South and have lost to 2 playoff headed teams.
13) NEW ORLEANS—The pigskin will be flying this week as the Saints have their first home game against the Vikings. Their 0-2 start is not so bad and they can put together a 6, 7 or 8 game winning streak.
14) BALTIMORE—The Ravens made a nice comeback win for themselves last Thursday as they defeated division rival Pittsburgh.
15) CHICAGO—The Bears dominated the 2nd half last Sunday Night on Primetime and overcame a 7-20 score. Now they get to move from Sunday Primetime to Monday Primetime as the are in NY against the Jets….but with many defensive players injured.




Looking ahead to this Saturday, there will be no rest for the Top 10 as some finally begin to play in conference. Note that the SEC has five (5) teams ranked in the Top 10, while the Pac 12 has just one (1) team- with Oregon. It’s always great to see Notre Dame relevant and Florida St not as great as the polls show. Their stats against some easy opponents would have me worried if I was Jimbo Fisher.
1) OKLAHOMA—The Sooners had no problems knocking off Tennessee last Saturday while covering the 21 pt. spread. They lose their top running back as Ford will be out for 2 to 3 weeks. He averaged 6 ypc and had 5 TD’s. Perine will replace him at running back when they take on West Virginia this week. They rely on a great defense to hang on to their #1 ranking by allowing just 11 points per contest.
2) OREGON—The Ducks crushed Wyoming 48-14. This game should have been by a wider margin, but we’ll give Oregon some slack as the game followed the Michigan St win from the previous week. Their 52 points per game keeps them in the Top 5 in scoring and they look to increase it this week against Washington St.
3) ALABAMA—The Crimson allowed just 4 field goals last week against Southern Miss in a 52-12 rout. What’s somewhat of a concern to Coach Sabin is thru his cupcake preseason (prior to conference play), Bama is only 33rd in rushing for 298 ypg. They meet Florida in their 4th home game in a row to begin the season this week so we’ll see if he or offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has made some obviously necessary adjustments.
4) FLORIDA ST.—The Seminoles play on the road this week at #22 Clemson in a much anticipated match-up for the home team. Florida St has not exactly looked like a Top 1 after three games. They are ranked 49th in “D” allowing 21 ppg. Even more worrisome should be their rushing yardage ranked 73rd with just 158 ypc. This road contest will present the ‘Noles with a crucial test.
5) TEXAS A&M—The Aggies beat up on winless Rice last week knocking them off in a 38-10 one-sided game. And that score is a far cry off from their 4th ranked 54 ppg average. QB Kenny Hill has applied for a “Kenny Thrill” trademarked name. He may have earned it thru 3 games by completing 81% of his passes for 1094 yards and 11 TD’s. He’ll certainly add to his totals against SMU this Saturday. But…will all this adulation and hype go to his head?
6) AUBURN—The Tigers were idle last week for added rest from week # 2′s battle with San Jose State. Who makes these schedules? This week they travel to take on Kansas State. There’s only 377 tickets left to sell so the Wildcats’ fans will be out in force (decked out in purple). K-St. is ranked #20 and may have the goods if Auburn doesn’t improve on their 91st ranked passing game. QB Johnson has completed 75% of his passes, but all were short throws and he’s only had 2 TD’s so far along with 277 total yards.
7) BAYLOR—aka Bear Meat. But Bear Meat must changed to Buffalo meat last week as the Baylor Bears mauled Buffalo on the road 63-21. This team has racked up some great stats as they have a #1 ranking in points scored and a #3 ranking in points allowed. But hold all bets!! They travel to play Iowa St, fresh off an outright win over rival Iowa as a 13 point underdog. The question is; letdown or confidence for Iowa State? Either way, this will be a nice test for the Bears.
8) LSU—The Tigers got out the white paint and their paintbrushes and whitewashed “powerhouse” UL Monroe as they ran up the score and put a 31-0 spanking on them. Although that word may have to be banned from football lingo after the terrible deed committed by Viking superstar running back Adrian Peterson. This week is another home game as LSU hosts Mississippi St. They better hope they don’t have to play catch-up with their cupcake low average of 91st in passing yardage against the Bulldogs this week.
9) NOTRE DAME—It’s always great when the Lakers make a run in the NBA Finals,or the NY Yankees are making an October World Series Championship run. The Fighting Irish are in the Top 10 and undefeated. The World of Sports makes the real world feel like it’s spinning on it’s axis correctly and all is normal. They get to rest this week and prepare for both Syracuse and Stanford. They followed up the 31-0 beating they put on Michigan with a 30-14 win against in-state Purdue rival. Go Irish!
10) MISSISSIPPI—Ole Miss is 3-0 after demolishing LA-Lafayette 56-15 last Saturday. They are off this week and prepare for big bad Memphis in two weeks. They need to get a rushing game as their 78th ranking will not cut it in the SEC. They play hard and are heading in the right direction, so beware the rest of the SEC.


NFL TOP 10 for WEEK 2

NFL TOP 10 for WEEK 2
There was a lot of scrambling with-in the Top 10 as 5 teams there last week are 0-1. This is the “On Any Given Sunday” NFL that Pete Rozelle wanted. Week 2 games are intriguing and will have a few surprises for the fans.
1) SEATTLE—The defense is as good as expected. Russell Wilson looked great. The fans did what was expected in making this the most difficult venue in the NFL. You almost think the Seahawks played like they were the defending Super Bowl Champions. Next up is on the road to San Diego.
2) DENVER—This will be an interesting game coming up. Denver did not finish off the Colts last week and this week they get to play a team everybody saw get destroyed, at Arrowhead, trying to do the week 2 reversal. Good thing it’s at home for the Bronco fans. Denver is a double-digit favorite in the important conference game against Kansas City.
3) CINCINNATI: The Bengals move up five spots this week as week 1 top teams 3 thru 7 all lost.That might be the ghost of Pete Rozelle’s parody haunting the NFL which is good for football. As for the Bengals, it may be all about AJ Green on Rozelle’s “Any Given Sunday” for the 1-0 Bengals. Winning on the road in conference play on the opening week could tell a season reaching story.
4) SAN FRANCISCO—The 49er’s defense made Sunday’s opening week at Dallas somewhat confusing. They were dominating the scoreboard defensively so the questions to be asked are: were Kaepernick’s 8 for 8 for 99 yards the normal? Will it be about Vernon Davis, the super-star TE or WR Anquan Boldin? Throw in a 100 yards from Frank Gore and the mighty 49er defense, and the NFC West has the best race to first place in the entire league!
5) PHILADELPHIA—Nick Foles turned the ball over in the first half and millions of fans in the “last longer no pointspread” pools were almost out for the entire year at halftime behind 0-17 to the Jags. But a 15 of 21 second half performance and 34 unanswered points showed the NFC that at least one team can play in the East. They have a much harder venue ahead this week as they are in the MNF spotlight playing at Indianapolis.
6) NEW ORLEANS: The played the ole song, “When The Saints Come Marching In” but forgot to tell New Orleans it’s all about how you march out. The Saints have not been a very good road team and really blew it within their division against the Atlanta Falcons. Now it can only get more miserable for the “Ain’t” as they are on the road again against a decent Cleveland team. Brees has to somehow get the New Orleans Voodoo Chief to put a magic carpet ride to Cleveland to grab a win. It is said that 0-2 teams do not generally make the playoffs.
7) PITTSBURGH—It was all Ben and Company in the first half as they piled it on and racked up an unobtainable lead. Not so fast Pittsburgh. The second half turned into “Gentle Ben and Company” as the Steelers found themselves in overtime. As history is re-told, the Browns are still the Browns and wasted another great comeback. Let’s hope the Steelers show what they are all about this Thursday vs the Ravens.
8) GREENBAY—I can only say that the Packers are glad that was the first game of the season for them when they got beaked to death by the Seahawks. Secondly, they are the only team that gets 12 days to heal their bodies from the pounding they received from Seattle. They may get another rushing hit this week like the one Lynch displayed as the J-e-t-s are coming to town with their own running game.
9) INDIANAPOLIS—The Colts never quit. They have one of the best leaders in Andrew Luck and he showed it against the Broncos and lost but came away with a 1/2 pt. pointspread cover. They will put on quite the show in the AFC South now that Reggie Wayne has a game under his belt and with TY Hilton the gameplan to make the Colts an offensive machine.
10) NEW ENGLAND—Maybe the Bilichick/Brady duo has more age than experience. After-all, it’s been over a decade since they last slipped on a Championship ring. Brady could not get out of his own way against the Dolphin defense. Every area look sluggish and uninspired. It will not be a walk thru a park again this week as the Vikings actually believe in the Vikings and rightfully so. And it won’t hurt that ex-Pats back-up, Matt Cassel, is under center to accompany “Yo” Adrian Peterson. Watch the choreograph of Peterson and the short throws of Cassel. Could produce another home W.
11) ATLANTA—Hard earned victory against their divisional rival New Orleans, now try Cincinnati.
12) DETROIT—The Lions did NOT shoot themselves in the foot and lose the second half. Nice win vs. NY.
13) ARIZONA—Let’s not judge them, let’s accept the “W” they received Monday against San Diego.
14) BUFFALO—They have a new owner and a road win all in the same week. And averaged 9 ypc Sunday.
15) CAROLINA—It seems like Derik Anderson has been in the NFL forever. He was good in the opening game; now Cam is back to take over his 1-0 team


“Looking for the Best College Football Player”
In the best marquee match-up game last Saturday it was Mariota showing the nation and Michigan St. just how good he was. Down by 9 points in the 3rd quarter, he turned up the after burners and outscored the Spartens 28-0 on the way to a 46-27 huge Oregon win. Mariota ended the day with 318 yards passing and 3 TD’s. Added to his stats were 42 yards of rushing which not only makes him the top candidate for the Heisman, but also the best player in all of college football thru 2 weeks.
Georgia was off last week so no updated stats to add for RB Todd Gurley. We are still in amazement of his week 1 performance against Clemson where he rushed for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns. His Heisman show hits the road this week as the Bulldogs travel to South Carolina.
Kenny Hill has 2 games under his belt with 1 quality win at South Carolina. His stats were skewed upwards last Saturday as A&M plummeted Lamar. But those numbers will be washed into the final totals as all teams get a few cupcakes during the season. After 2 games, we are impressed. He has thrown for 794 yards with 7 touchdown passes. He’s completed 71% of his passes and sat out the entire fourth quarter of last weeks game.
Jameis Winston has 2 games so far under his belt and is piling up his stats. He has a test coming up this week against Clemson and will bring his 626 total passing yards thru week 2 with him. His downside are his 2 interceptions this year that almost match his 3 touchdowns. He will be just fine if he continues to complete 70% of his passes for the remainder of the season. Note that he had zero TD passes against Oklahoma St in one of his worst games ever and his 3 TD’s came against The Citadel last week.
It’s time to give some love to the Irish after defeating Rice and then crushing Michigan in week 2. They followed their 48-17 win against Rice with a 31-0 shutout against Michigan in their final scheduled meeting between these 2 storied teams. Golson was awesome as he threw for 226 yards with 3 TD’s and 0 INTs in a well managed game. He has 5 TD throws on this years resume and will continue to build on those stats. Purdue is up next and we see no letdown in his immediate future.
Bryce Petty is putting up the numbers and his team is piling on the points despite a cracked vertebrae in his back…ouch! He is the perfect fit in Art Briles throw often offense and so far so good. He’ll continue to pad his stats as Baylor doesn’t play a noteworthy opponent until October. But if Baylor is smart, they should forget about a trip to the Big Apple in December and let him rest after those 28 point halftime leads.
Brett Hundley has had to open there first 2 weeks on the schedule behind a bad offensive line. He needs time to flow around the backfield and room to roam while looking downfield. His teams defense is on the field too long for him to get the ball enough times to pad his stats into Heisman numbers. He’s completed almost 70% of his passes with 3 TD’s and 1 INT on 638 yards of passing. He’s also been sacked 9 times in his first 2 games.


by Wayne Allyn Root
1) OKLAHOMA: The Sooners, like most teams this early in the season, were never tested by Louisiana Tech. Leading 31-3 at halftime, it was the second team during the second half. They are 24 point favorite on the road at in-state Tulsa; one week before their match-up with Tennessee. Let’s begin to follow Trevor Knight at QB and see if he is worthy of a Heisman look.
2) ALABAMA: It was very interesting watching Nick Sabin watching Lane Kiffin call the offense for the Crimson Tide. Sabin better start watching his defense. West Virginia seemed comfortable running their own offense in that 33-23 contest. Bama’s secondary may need some extra game film as the Mountaineers QB attacked the Tide with success. Sigh of relief for Bama’s staff as they are -41 at home against Florida (Atlantic) haha.
3) OREGON: The Ducks put up 62 against SoDak St…in under 21 minutes of possession. Now finally a game all can watch this week. Oregon is hosting Michigan State. How do the Spartans counter this quick strike offense. The only way may be keeping the Ducks off the field. And as quick as Oregon scores, that may happen anyway.
4) FLORIDA ST: Florida St better stop reading last years headlines after barely squeaking by Oklahoma State 37-31. Early season games like this are expected from the 18 to 21 year old crowd but they better not count on breaks in upcoming games. One look ahead could wipe out an $18 MILL payday. Citadel is the team making the paycheck this week while Jimbo has his team running extra laps.
5) AUBURN: With Nick Marshall serving a first half suspension, the Tigers played Arkansas to a 21-21 tie at halftime. Then he was let loose and the Tigers put up a sweet 24 unanswered points to win and cover. If Marshall is not enough, how about the 177 yard performance of Cameron Artis-Payne? Maybe they won’t need the luck they held all of last season with talent like this.
6) MICHIGAN ST: What a week this will make for the Spartans. Last week they put up 38 points by halftime against Jacksonville St. This week they’ll be lucky to hold Oregon to 38 points by halftime. They do have a solid defense which will be tested in every aspect this week. They have some offense to fall back upon with QB Connor Cook and RB Jeremy Langford. Oregon is favored by 13 points.
7) TEXAS A&M: Have you heard about Kenny Football yet? You should have after last weeks game against South Carolina. They beat the Gamecocks 52-28. Their schedule is crazy. Who would open on the road at South Carolina and then play Lamar? The Bears are in the SEC West and need to work entirely on defense this week as they prepare for a rigorous SEC schedule.
8) OHIO STATE: The Buckeyes will always be in the safe hands of Urban Meyer. Quarterback or not. JT Barrett scared a few but in the end, his troops found a way to sink Navy 34-17 and get the cover along with the win. This week the Buckeyes play Virginia Tech; and they are no Navy. They have a defense capable of ruining OSU’s Saturday. Ezekiel Elliott and Curtis Samuel are there to take the load away from Barrett while he adjust to his new role.
9) STANFORD: UC Davis snuck into Stanford, scored no points, allowed 45 and took home their paycheck. Not sure that was what Stanford needed as they are in the toughest conference this year with some questions of their own. The Cardinal has a new defensive coordinator to replace many stars from last years 11-win team. One question will be answered this Saturday; can they hang with USC? They host the Trojans as a 3 point chalk.
10) GEORGIA: The Bulldog’s RB Todd Gurley is a stud. Against Clemson, he set a programs record for all-purpose yards with 293. He scored four touchdowns and showed the Nation his blinding speed. The Dawg’s “D” was equally impressive especially in the second half as they surrendered just 15 yards. Who needs QB Hutson Mason for anything but handing the ball off?  They meet South Carolina Gamecocks in 2 week.



by Wayne Allyn Root
1) SEATTLE: Let’s keep the Seahawks starting this season where they left off last season as simply THE BEST! And throw in 8 homes games for 8-0 and the best fans and the rest is a piece of cake. It also doesn’t hurt to have a great secondary to stop the other teams and Lynch to handle the ball control game that Russell Wilson manages so well. Hope they pay attention to their first game vs. Green Bay.
2) DENVER: The Broncos may be the most focused team in the NFL. They are the “Embarrassed AFC Champs.” But that’s good motivation. Game 1 will have them playing revenge from the 39-33 loss from a year ago. When Peyton Manning touches the ball, the fans, his teammates and everyone watching the game knows he will score. That has to wear on the minds of his opponents.
3) GREEN BAY: The Pack is back- at least when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and his health. “D” Coordinator Dom Capers was instructed to simplify the defense and make Julius Peppers part of the grit and determination needed for the other players to copy. Randall Cobb is also healthy and with Eddie Lacey giving Rodgers some much needed balance, this team will be sailing towards the playoffs.
4) NEW ENGLAND: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady….AGAIN!! Add Rob Gronkowski to the mix and the focus on defense (as the offense is set). Belichick added Darrelle Revis (of “Revis Island” fame) and Brandon Browner to his defensive secondary coverage helping his front seven. Now watch for a great pass rush for the Pats “D”.
5) NEW ORLEANS: Does a high octane offense ring a bell? Yes, but how about an up and coming defense with 2 of the best safeties in the NFL? Throw in Sean Peyton and an up-graded offensive line to protect Drew Brees and this team is on the right track to compete with Seattle and Green Bay for the NFC’s top honors.
6) INDIANAPOLIS: They may be a shoo-in to at least win their own division- so that is one major advantage. ( think back to Arizona Cardinals last year). Their weakness is huge as their defense knows how to give up points. The offense cannot grind enough from the running game, but Andrew Luck can put up points fast. The key is Luck, as we are all aware. His fiery personality and incredible character refuses to lose any game. He’ll be tested in week 1, on the road, against Manning and the Broncos…..playing with revenge as Indy handed them a 39-33 loss last year.
7) BALTIMORE: The Raves have the nucleus of a Championship team. Their coach in John Harbaugh. Joe Flacco at quarterback. A very, very good offensive line, a healthy Tight End target for Flacco, and…Steve Smith as the possession WR they’ve missed. Add in a young, hungry top 10 defense. When Ray Rice returns from his two game suspension, they should be ready to challenge all season long for the AFC North, head to head with the Bengals. Speaking of the Bengals, check the schedule for week 1.
8) CINCINNATI: Let’s go on the record by saying that Andy Dalton is better than most experts think….and what do those that sit behind a sports desk know anyway?  He can play flawless, manages the game correctly, stays within his own head and gets the ball to his receivers with precision accuracy. The new O-Coordinator, Hue Jackson, will teach him enough to become even better. With the amazing acrobat AC Green at WR and a top 5 defense, this team can shut down any team on any given Sunday. But…they travel to Baltimore for their first game….ouch!
9) SAN FRANCISCO: Does self-implosion ring a bell? NaVorro Bowman is out for 8 to 10 games. Aldon Smith is suspended for 9 games. Ray McDonald may be suspended long-term for domestic violence (smart, huh?) and has added fuel to this teams distractions. They have much talent but Colin Kaepernick will have to carry this team and not so sure he can. Maybe they can knock off the Cowboys this week in a game that may be more difficult in Jerry Jones Arena than it should have been.
10) CHICAGO: Maybe the Bears can ride the momentum of Chicago’s Little League U.S. championship team. I wonder how much patience the fans have left after 100 years of the Cubs and a few years of Jay Cutler? They used to have a black and blue defense, but several new starters will be on the field. If their chemistry is right then this may be a good year for “da bears”. Their offense is one of the best in the NFC so Cutler has few excuses left. It’s time to put up and give the Packers a race in the NFC North.
PHILADELPHIA: Should win the NFC East. They host the Jags in game one. Can great O win by itself?
ST LOUIS RAMS: They’ll be carried by a good coach in Jeff Fisher and a GREAT defense. It better be great, with Shaun Hill at QB!
PITTSBURGH: We find out if they are “old” or “experienced”.
ARIZONA: Bad luck to be in the NFC West. Carson Palmer could go either way. He was very good down the stretch last year.
SAN DIEGO: QB Rivers can take you a long way. Was last year’s playoff run the beginning of something big, or beginning of end?
DALLAS: Stop saying they have a bad “D”; we are aware. BUT, the Cowboy offense is as good as it gets. If Romo and Dez have the season of a lifetime, this team could reach the playoffs with no D.