Posted 08/26/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

CASHING IN ON EARLY SEASON COLLEGE FAVORITES by Wayne Allyn Root It is said that the most important 2 weeks for the Vegas Oddsmakers are the first 2 weeks of college football. But it’s not with what you think. I’m not sure that there is a time in any sport and certainly in college football that is better for making […]… Read more »

Posted 08/21/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

Best College Coaches 2014: Nick Saban- Alabama. Coaches just don’t get any better. “D” wins national championships and Saban is perhaps the best defensive coach in the history of college football. His record at Alabama against Top 25 opponents is 28-12. Saban has won 4 national championships and 4 SEC championships. Urban Meyer- Oho State. His two national championships, two […]… Read more »

Posted 08/20/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

WEEK 3 PRESEASON FOOTBALL: “DRESS REHEARSAL” FOR ALL NFL TEAMS   By WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Week 3 of the preseason is referred to as the NFL’s “dress rehearsal week.” The third week of the preseason has a different sort of feel than the others. It’s a dress rehearsal for the regular season, as coaches usually play their starters well into […]… Read more »

Posted 08/11/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

PREPARING FOR THE NFL SEASON: ANALYZING THE SCHEDULE by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT What is the first thing a head coach does every spring? The day the NFL schedule is released, he pours over it with vigor. He and his staff use multiple color pens, markers and grease boards. It’s his most important day. The schedule is more significant than many […]… Read more »

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Six (6) “must do’s” in August to prepare for College Football By Wayne Allyn Root As a Handicapping Professional, I do NOT wait for the season to begin for my College Football handicapping. You’re correct when you say it doesn’t pay anything to study college football right now. But I assure you, I’ll be rewarded with huge dividends starting week […]… Read more »

Posted 07/31/14 | by Wayne Allyn Root

EVALUATING THE LISTED QUARTERBACK ROTATIONS IN THE AFC FOR 2014 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT This is the time to make money. Preseason football is more about the coaches game plan and the gathering of critical information. Many times the veteran QB’s are sidelined so that is the time to sit the veteran offensive linemen as well. With that being said, […]… Read more »