Ross Benjamin’s Weekly Blog

Posted 11/01/12 | by Ross Benjamin

In this age team trends mean very little compared to what they once used to. No longer do you see a core group of players stick with the same NFL team for any prolonged period of time since the advent of free agency. In college football we have seen a large influx of players leave for the NFL after their […]… Read more »

Baseball Handicapping: It’s A Numbers Game

Posted 07/10/12 | by Ross Benjamin

Unlike any other sport that I handicap statistics are the most important factor as it applies to baseball. The intangible factors like revenge or emotion for example that are key components when handicapping football/basketball is of little or no importance in baseball. It all starts with pitching. Specifically the most important factors pertaining to that subject is starting pitching then […]… Read more »

2012 College Football Futures Best Bets

Posted 07/10/12 | by Ross Benjamin

1.) Clemson Over 8.5 Wins (-140): The Tigers are one of my sleeper teams to get to the BCS National Championship Game. The Tigers will be dynamic offensively. It all starts with junior quarterback Taj Boyd who comes off a terrific sophomore campaign. Boyd threw for 3828 yards last season good for 33 touchdowns versus just 12 interceptions. Boyd will […]… Read more »

Sports Handicapping Short Cuts Never Win Long Term

Posted 07/10/12 | by Ross Benjamin

One of the growing resources utilized by the masses is the public betting information offered by a variety of sources. There are many sports bettors, sports services, and sports betting information sites that need a short cut use this data. When given the choice the above mentioned would choose to be on the side of the “house”, or that opposite […]… Read more »

Ross Benjamin’s CBB Executive Line

Posted 01/21/11 | by Ross Benjamin

My college basketball Executive Line is currently 57-34 (62.6%) on the season as monitored by The Sports Watch of Las Vegas. If you are an advocate of following The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma you won’t see me monitored their for personal reasons. In any event right now I am #1 in college basketball in North Amercia. Nickel players are up […]… Read more »

Ross Benjamin’s Blog of the Week

Posted 01/17/11 | by Ross Benjamin

In spite of wining on the Chicago Bears as my 50* Divisional Round Game of the Year on Sunday, I actually felt a bit sorry for Matt Haselback. I thought he threw the ball exceptionally well yesterday and was the victim of an inexperienced receiving corps not giving him much help. Kudos to Hasselback who took a lot of heat […]… Read more »