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Rocketman – Handicapping The NBA Injury Report! Friday 11-7-14

Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight.
OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game and multiply by .75 QUESTIONABLE: Take players average points per game and multiply by .50 PROBABLE: Take players average points per game and multiply by .25
Here are the results for today’s NBA matchups for Friday 11-7-14!
Atlanta – 0
Charlotte – 2.8
Minnesota – 0
Orlando – 3
Chicago – 5.4
Philadelphia – 7.2
Indiana – 8.8
Boston – 4.3
New York – 4.7
Brooklyn – 0
Milwaukee – 0
Detroit – 0
Washington – 0
Toronto – 6.7
Memphis 3.9
Oklahoma City – 40.7
Sacramento – 0
Phoenix – 0
Dallas – 0
Utah – 0
Cleveland – 2.7
Denver – 0

Hope this helps out some. This system hits big percentages when we have a differential of 20 or more and the trends add up to leaning to that same team. It takes a little time to do this every day but it pays off in the end!   No plays for Friday fit the 20 point differential and the trend analysis I use.


Thanks and good luck today!
Rocky Atkinson
Rocketman Sports


LeBron James is the villain. Just as they have a villain in Wrestling, they have one in the NBA to drive up ratings and all-around interest in their entertainment product. The following is a tightly closed secret: The NBA is allowed to “choreograph” their own games. They are allowed to produce their entertainment as they see fit. You can call it “rigged” or “choreographed” because we don’t want to be too harsh or make any accusations. There is nothing illegal with Mr. Stern and any others representing the NBA to instruct their employees (referees), to control the game as demanded by Mr. Stern. He can have it go for 7 games for extra revenues, or he can have fouls called close and tic-tatty, or he can “let them run.” If they need LeBron James to struggle, or have his teammates frustrated, the refs can do that at any given time. They can stop momentum, or they can let them play. And they can do it on either side, for the home team or the visitor. As employees of the league, the referees can be fired for NOT following “suggestions” from the top brass.
Mr. Stern can do this in the name of entertainment. After-all, that’s all he’s obligated to provide. It’s a billion dollar entertainment conglomerate set on filling the stands and keeping the TV ratings high. Sales are the bottom line at any price. All in the name of “entertainment”. On a side note just back from the Court of Appeals, a fan sued the NFL for the taping of the New York Jets practices by the New England Patriots. The fan sued that there was cheating and fraud on the part of one of the teams representing the NFL League. The court ruled that according to the tickets produced for admission, the NFL only had to provide a game….NOT a fair contest.
If the NBA wants to keep LeBron James as the villain, then all they need to do is have Oklahoma City Thunder win the Championship. The villain is what drives this league. He’s the one that generates the news coverage. The NBA will have months in the paper talking about Miami needing to either break up the team, get rid of Chris Bosh, trade him for Dwight Howard (another villain), and the list and talk goes on and on. Ever wonder why Sir Charles Barkley is on TNT…post shows? I never watched a post show AFTER watching a 3 hour game. But now I do (to watch Barkley- another NBA villain).
Or the NBA might do some polling and decide that allowing LeBron to finally win the big one is in their best interest. After all, love him or hate him, one big superstar is what drives ratings. Ask Michael Jordan. Or Broadway Joe Namath. Or Babe Ruth.
If you wonder if you’d watch a fixed fight, picture this: Someone runs into your office and says 2 of your co-workers are about to go out to the parking lot and duke it out, but it’s a fixed fight. You’d still run outside to watch- even if only to see if the fix was indeed “in the bag.” It’s human nature. We are victims, we are curious and we are gullible. That’s why they Government can still deny that anything took place at Roswell…..over 50 years ago! Maybe that’s why Tim Bradley won the Manny Pacquiao fight Saturday in the most obvious ‘FIX’ OF ALL TIME. Pacquiao won a minimum of 9 rounds- most likely 10-2, but who cares in a fight “choreographed” to produce a re-match?
Then again many millions watch fixed fights every week. It’s called wrestling. They fill stadiums even though the outcome is pre-determined.
So if you want the answer to the titled question then here it is– Oklahoma City will win in 6 or 7 games. LeBron James is the player that NBA fans love to hate, so they’ll tune in to watch the “villain” get beat. It’s too soon to give him his Championship Title and his not 1, not 2, not 3,4 5, but minimum of 6 rings. It’s too soon to even give him his FIRST RING. Not until the NBA gets another villain for their side-show!! So for the most humble superstar in the NBA- let me be the first to congratulate Kevin Durant for winning his first NBA Championship Ring.

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