NFL Betting Guide

NFL Handicapping

While it’s no secret that the NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the gambling world, an intelligent strategy is essential to monetary success!

Whether a veteran or a newbie in the NFL betting world, a vast knowledge in a particular set of football factors can be valuable in getting the most for your money and making yourself an above-average better. Whether its knowing how to interpret weather conditions, paying closer attention to below average teams, or simply proper money management, seasoned NFL handicappers know there are many practices which you can add to your betting routine.

Check the Weather

NFL Betting

  • Don’t under estimate Mother Nature. Taking the effects of weather into consideration can give a sport bettor an edge!  Be sure to check the NFL weather reports before making your football picks.
  • For example, people often make the assumption that snow affects a team’s game plan, which isn’t usually the case and simply results in fewer passing touchdowns.
  • The wind is a more important to factor in that football lives and dies as a passing game and that it’s more difficult to execute passes among the windy gusts.

 Pay Attention to Injury Report

Football Injury

  • What may seem like an insignificant injury can actually make a huge difference, especially with an inexperienced backup filling in.  Caerfully following the NFL news can make a huge difference.
  • While a major players injury does change things up, be cognizant that everyone else is already adjusting their bets accordingly.
  • In football, it’s vital to value a team’s offensive and defensive lines as these positions are heavily effected by injuries.

Don’t Rule out Bad Teams

NFL Betting Advice

  • Keep an eye on the bad teams in the NFL and know their strengths and weaknesses! By comparing them to their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, you might find that the “underdog” has a better show against the NFL odds than previously thought!
  • Some say that knowledge of an “underdog” team could be more valuable than that of a higher-ranking team because you know what they’re capable of.
  • Even a bad team has the ability to pull off an upset on their best days

 Take History Into Consideration, Don’t Rely On It

NFl Betting Guide

  • While there are certainly lessons that can be learned on a team or its players from history, remember it’s impossible for a player or team’s performance exactly the same every single season
  • As recent as the previous season was, don’t risk all your money on a repeat performance!
  • Time changes everything! Players improve or see their skills lessen due to aging or intruders and this can make a big difference ni NFL scores.

 Filter Out Hype

NFL Betting

  •  While a story might be ubiquitous among the Sports News networks, be objective to the facts and how they’re valuable to whihc NFL matchups provide the best betting opportunity.
  • A hot story might be airing simply to earn better ratings or get more money from advertisers. Don’t live and die by what ESPN is saying!

Mange Money Wisely

NFL Betting


  • Establish a fund strictly for wagering, otherwise known as bankroll. Don’t bet too big for your bankroll!
  • Set limits per game. Smaller is safer and wiser in the end. For example, it makes sense to bet around 2% of your bankroll on average per game.

 Keep Precise Records, Learn From Past Mistakes


NFL Loser

  • Study and keep records of all your past bets! Learn from the past and don’t make the same mistake twice.