NFL Betting Guide

NFL handicapping is the art of making predictions about individual NFL matchups to determine which team has the greatest chance of winning a specific game, thus profiting from these predictions.

When it comes to professional football, there are three distinct techniques of handicapping: Fundamental, Situational, and Technical.

 Fundamental Handicapping (aka Statistical Handicapping)

  • Use of statistics, power ratings, and personnel match-up to make selections.
  • Typically, this method of handicapping takes the most consideration into NFL weather report, football injuries, and game time temperature.
  •  Since the NFL has less games in a season, compared to that of other sports leagues, the team is less prone to emotional components. This makes statistics more accurate as a team is ready, motivated, and prepared to play each week. However, this does mean there are less statistics to examine.

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Situational Handicapping

  • All about assessing let down factors, scheduling, motivation, revenge games, and non-mathematical systems.  Breaking NFL news is a critical component in situational handicapping.
  • It concentrates on how teams fare in particular situations, such as being the underdog or title of some sort at stake.
  • This form of handicapping is more prevalent in college football because of the maturity level of the players. It can be presumed that professional NFL players are less susseptible to mood swings and are more level-headed. (not always, of course).

Technical Handicapping

  • Investigates the technical circumstances of each team and game looks for the historical trends
  • Good for taking the coaching into consideration, as their game plan can be taken into account.
  • Typically the method of handicapping which carries the least weight

While some might be  partial to specific method of handicapping, there’s a lot to be gained from a combination of Fundamental, Situational, and Technical handicapping. Professional NFL handicappers, such as world famous NFL handicapper Wayne Allen Root, are the experts in finding the balance and capitalizing on sports betting.  The look for the best NFL matchups as represented by the NFL odds and football lines each week.

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