NFL Picks

  • NFL betting trends such as winning % or winning after a loss % can be valuable in how your football picks are chosen
  • Check key numbers. There’s usually a margin of victory valued at 3, 7, or 10 points. Look for the + or – .5 in the NFL point spread
  • It makes a lot of sense to bet against the road favorite, especially in the case of laying 7+ points
  • Don’t forget to give the underdogs a chance! It even makes sense to bet on underdogs first as its more common for fellow betters to put all their faith in the “favorites” or “good teams” and the NFL odds reflect this
  • Pay close attention to the NFL news and individual team websites and reports for important statistics!
  • Take into consideration the key NFL matchups, for example running game vs. defense, receivers vs defense, and even man on man match ups.
  • Understand that the NFL weather forecast may favor one team over another.
  • Realize that online betting truly caters to all kinds of bettors and is great resource for NFL picks.  Just ensure the site you are on is legitimate and renowned with the credentials that Winning Edge boasts.
  • Recognize that a football handicapper can be very money efficient as they literally spend thousands of dollars on their own gathering inside information that wouldn’t be available to the average bettor. Football handicappers give their gathered information to maximize the best odds for the gambler

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