Posted 10/24/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

NFL TOP 10….WEEK 8 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Week 7 was interesting as we know have a 500-1 shot coming in as the only team with all wins in the form of the rib eating team from Kansas City. They bring defense…and Alex Smith. Denver fumbled away their unblemished record but that does not mean everything in this weeks poll. […]… Read more »

Posted 10/17/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

NFL TOP 10, WEEK 7 by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT This is the Top 10 in which we see just 2 teams undefeated. I have concluded that at this juncture, Denver Broncos are clearly a cut above all teams. The 2nd tier has New Orleans, New England, Seattle, San Francisco, and Kansas City (with most experts saying KC has played a […]… Read more »

Posted 10/09/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

HANDICAPPING THE NFL SCHEDULE by Wayne Allyn Root BE WILLING TO WORK…SMART It doesn’t have to be the first thing you do, but before you or I sign off on our wagers, you’d better believe I have gone thru my checklist concerning the schedule. When it comes to handicapping games in the NFL the schedule can be more significant than […]… Read more »

Posted 10/04/13 | by Rocketman Sports

College Football Betting Weekend Previews Here is a look at the top college football games of the weekend which have football bettors’ interest piqued. (331) MARYLAND at (332) FLORIDA STATE (-15, 57) Maryland has definitely improved, as evidenced by their 4-0 start but have to cross the mental barrier of having lost 11 in a row (2-9 ATS) to Florida […]… Read more »

Posted 09/25/13 | by Wayne Allyn Root

BETTING WINLESS AND UNBEATEN NFL TEAMS by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT   WOW! After week 3, Miami is undefeated at 3-0. It’s no surprise that Denver and Seattle remain unblemished but in the NFL, things will change. Who would have bet that NY Giants would be 0-3? Or New Orleans would be 3-0? Does the Bears 3-0 record raise an eyebrow? […]… Read more »

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